Hofmarkstr.19; 93426 Roding
Tel: +49/9461/94260

For the little ones …

Deer Farm Hotel Fleischmann RodingWe offer a playroom with plenty of toys. Puzzles, bookes, foosball and much more. Further we offer a Wii and Karaoke eqipment. In our pool there is also a great variety of  utensils such as water wings, loating tyre and many more, free of charge available.

Pool Hotel Fleischmann RodingIn our restaurant we offer baby’s high chairs, painting books and games in order for the children not to get bored. Baby beds are available for 7€ per day. In our small town several playgrounds are available in short distance, as well as our fallow deer park. The feeding is always a great experience for kids.

Excursions for families

  • Churpfalzpark (amusement park)
  • Outdoor museum
  • Zoo – Loberg
  • Drachenstich
  • Open air pool Rodinger
  • Miniature golf – Stamsried
  • Acqua Kur Freizeitbad
  • Flederwisch (museum for children)
  • observation station under water
  • swimming lakes